A different perspective on cancer

Are you hearing more and more of people being diagnosed with cancer? It used to be not so common to hear, but not anymore. Many people don’t talk about it or share it, we simply want to ignore, and “cancer” has become almost a tabu word for us. But did you know that every single day 1,600 people die from cancer in North America alone? And of course that’s not counting the number of people who are in treatment, and how many family members are friends are suffering and struggling too.

I firmly believe that if our physiology is totally healthy, we are not deficient in any vitamins and minerals, and we are living close to nature, then we will not get any diseases. If you start listening to your own body for a deeper understanding and insight of your own system, you will be able to handle everything much more effectively.

The human body is the biggest chemical factory we know of. If we turn inward, everything is right inside us. If something is going wrong inside us, we can heal ourselves inside too. But unless we are really aware of what’s going on inside, things from the outside will easily affect us.

Here’s the yogi’s view on cancer, taken from the book “Cancer: A Yogic Perspective”. In yogis, they don’t see cancer as many different types. Where and how it manifests in a particular individual may depend on various aspects of one’s physiology, genetics, lifestyle, diet and so on, but they always see the root cause as an imbalance in what is called the pranamaya kosha, or the “energy body”.

The physical body in yoga is referred to as the annamaya kosha, or the “food body’’. Until recently, medical science was only involved with the bit of us that we can see — the “food body”. They did not focus on anything else. They thought they could handle all the infections in the world, but then they found they were unable to do anything about chronic ailments like blood pressure and diabetes. This is because they were looking at the food body, which is only an external manifestation, just one part of who we are.

Yogis define another layer that they call the manomaya kosha, or the “mental body”. Today, medical science recognizes that we are psycho-soma — that means that whatever happens in the mind naturally happens in the body. For example, if you create mental tension, your blood pressure will go up. So, there is a mental body that needs to be properly taken care of. This mental body and physical body can function only because there is an energy body.

The work of ancient yoga is fundamentally on the level of the energy body, or the pranamaya kosha. From the yogic perspective, cancer and other disturbances or diseases that the system manufactures from within are caused by an imbalance in the energy body. If the flow of energy is not proper in certain areas of the body, cancerous cells will generally choose those places to grow, and will grow and faster. When it comes to chronic diseases, the root cause is always in the energy body. Once the energy body is disturbed, it will naturally manifest both physiologically and psychologically. If your energy body is in full flow and properly balanced, there cannot be any disease either in your physical body or your mental body.

So here’s the BIG question: if we are the creator our own life, and we can choose freely what we eat, where to live and what we do, why do you think that most people choose to suffer their own choices?

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