Do what you can, when you can

Knowingly or unknowingly we all want to plan our healthy and happy aging. For the most part we also know what we need to do. However, our daily life challenges as well as often thinking about others before thinking of ourselves can distract us from focusing on our own life and wishes. Currently I am traveling so I am able to see other cultures and some very different lifestyles and perspectives. When you step back and look at the bigger picture it actually helps us to simplify our problems — and realize that most of the time they are not even problems!

Do you think that our environment and surroundings condition our beliefs? I think they do. For example, most of us believe that when we get to a certain age we will simply feel old and have to deal with many negative health issues. Although personally I know many older aged people who still act and live as if they were in a very young body, but unfortunately if we condition ourselves that something is going to happen then our mind and even our cells start to believe that that is the truth. What if it is us that actually stops doing what we used to do, rather than old age forcing us to?

I think that for a large part getting old is a choice. During my travels I talked to one 28 year old “young man” and he told me that he feels 56 years old inside, because that is how he has chosen to live. So many people get stuck in a difficult and stressful lifestyle, not even enjoying their life. Of course this can be very difficult to get out of, it is not easy to change our lifelong habits but if we can just take a little step back and think then we may realize and want to change something in our life.

I recently heard Joan’s story — she started training when she was 75 years old!

Of course, we can not reverse or completely stop physical changes with age, such as wrinkles (I wish!) and skin color changes. There are many other physical changes too that we may not have full control over, such as bone density, muscle loss, deformation of our teeth, a deterioration in vision and a slowing down of our metabolism. However, many of these are either fully preventable or we can minimize and slow them down significantly. It really doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still do something to slow down or prevent feeling old.

Some of the things that we can all do, no matter our age, include eating healthy, nutrient dense foods, getting enough quality protein, living an active lifestyle, practicing mindfulness, minimizing stress, drinking enough water, regularly consciously stopping eating to give our body some rest and recovery time, getting enough sunshine, getting quality sleep with a regular sleep schedule, practicing regular resistance training as well as aerobic training such as walking or running, living with the community, and laughing. That’s a lot of things that we can do! How many of them are you really not able to do? You may think that some are not easy, and you’re absolutely right, but they are most definitely worth it. Just do what you can, when you can.


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Check my website for lots more articles as well as my full story and bio :)