Is it really worth it to buy organic?

Do you think that choosing organic is better for your health? If yes then I am definitely with you, I buy organic as much as possible, for many reasons. I will explain a few reasons in a moment, but before I do let’s talk about why some people think that it’s not necessary to consume organic produce.

I was recently chatting with a friend about buying organic, and whether it’s really worth paying more. We all know that the world is a lot different today than during our grandparent’s time — the soil, air and water quality have all changed. How sad it is, by the way, that we even need to classify food as “organic” or “non-organic” today? So his argument was that the soil is the same, and even in organically grown food you’ll find lots of pesticides. Unfortunately, this is a true statement. However, the fact is that buying organic produce is still our best shot at getting the healthiest, most nutritious version of the food, and at least they’re not using chemical pesticides to spray the produce. And, most importantly, it’s not genetically modified.

Are you aware that more than 50 percent of the population have some type of digestive or allergy problem? I firmly believe that this is coming from what we choose to eat. Yes, many studies show that GMO foods are not damaging human health, but many more studies have shown that especially glyphosate (the main ingredient in the herbicide RoundUp) is a possible carcinogen.

So instead of following research and studies, how about we just study our own body for a moment? I want to feel good and nourished after eating, and not have to deal with health complications that can come from non-organic, genetically modified and pesticide-grown food. If we carefully study and pay attention to our own body, the answer becomes clear.

Now, actually a new study did just come out showing that if you are consuming organic food, you are less likely to become overweight or obese. Think about this for a second, what could be the real reason for this? First, you are not getting toxins from organically grown food, so you are most likely helping your body in it’s own detoxification process. And second, organically grown food has a higher nutrient content than non-organic food. That means that you are nourishing your body, and this can lead you to consuming less food too. Remember, the body needs nutrients to maintain normal function.

Unfortunately, not enough studies have looked at the effects of organic vs. non-organic food on human health. They often indicate that organic food may reduce the risk of allergic disease and obesity, and some other health conditions, but this evidence is often not conclusive.

Consumers of organic food do tend to have healthier dietary patterns overall, so this can lead to an overall improvement in health with a decrease in allergies, improved digestion, and a potential beneficial effect on overweight and obesity. Conventional and GMO food have pesticide residues that remain in the food even after it’s washed, while organic foods are grown without pesticides. Also, remember the possible health advantage for organic farming and the farmers.

The Environmental Working Group ( have collected a huge volume of resources after their detailed studies, and they list produce with the highest pesticide levels as well as those with the lowest levels. I’ve mentioned them before in many of my previous articles, but if you’ve not visited their website then please do check it out.

So coming back to my first question: yes, I believe it is definitely worth buying organic produce as much as possible. It’s most important just to realize that when you consume healthier and non-pesticide food, you will have more energy and feel much more healthier. I think we all want to be healthy. Remember, as always you are the food that you eat — you are what you put in your body and what your body absorbs — so choose wisely now, rather than paying back later with medical costs or with your life.


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