Metabolic Health Summit 2020

I am writing this from Long Beach, LA, which I am visiting for the first time. I’m attending the Metabolic Health Summit Conference, which focuses on low carbohydrate and ketogenic (high fat, very low carbs) diets, and the effects that they can have on chronic diseases, human performance, and cognitive function. I LOVE learning, and this is a great experience for me. And hopefully I can pass on what I am learning and educate you with what is really going on in this field, around the world. I’m enjoying seeing new studies and listening to leading experts, many of them well known doctors with 20 or 30 years practical experience. I will be sharing more of what I am learning with you over the next few weeks too 🙂

Here’s some highlights:

1 — You can actually reverse type 2 diabetes with a correct nutritional approach.

2 — Statins (cholesterol lowering drugs) are actually more harm than good.

3 — Calorie restriction, without getting enough nutrients, can be harmful.

4 — Eat LOTS of protein.

5 — Over-consuming, and especially doing so regularly, can have a profound effect on insulin (the body’s fat storage hormone).

6 — You can change the majority of your gut microbiome in just 72 hours with the correct diet.

7 — Saturated fat does not clog the arteries, but ultra processed carbohydrates do.

8 — Dietary guidelines suggest that people should eat as little dietary cholesterol as possible. Many leading studies, however, show that when you have high cholesterol but you are metabolically healthy (low levels of TG) you will probably live longer and stay healthier.

I know… Ultimately you need to be aware that you are the one responsible for your health. So if you want to stay healthy, age healthily, and keep feeling young you should STOP eating processed food, vegetable oils, and sugar. Eat single ingredient food and consume enough nutrients, not just calories.

Most importantly — use a mental-diet to eat consciously.

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