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Unfortunately we do not always know what the cause is for some of the health struggles that we may be facing. Most of the time we will overthink any illness or disease, and we might not realize that there actually may be way to heal ourselves with just some very simple and free changes to our lifestyle. And this time it’s not exercise, although of course this is very important too. But this is something that we can’t live without — water!

Do you think that you are consuming enough water every day? Did you know that dehydration can cause many health issues including high blood pressure, chronic constipation, blood sugar imbalances, mood disorders, migraines, allergies, joint pain, muscle cramps, digestion issues, vision problems, cravings, brain fog, tiredness and chronic pain? Insulin and glucagon can also not work very well when you’re dehydrated. So it’s not just what we eat, what we drink is also important.

Our body is made of 75% water. Our lungs, which provide us with oxygen, are 90% water. Our bones are 25% water. Our brain is 76% water. The blood that transports nutrients around the body is 82% water and blood plasma is around about 90% water. if you want to be healthy then the amount of water that you consume each day is critical.

The Iranian doctor, Fereydoon Batmanghelidj MD is an internationally renowned researcher, author and advocate of the natural healing power of water. His most recent book is titled “You’re not sick; you’re thirsty. Don’t treat thirst with medication.” He discovered and authored several scientific studies that show that simply giving water to patients could heal their ulcers, migraines, joint pain and much more.

Of course there are many possible reasons for any health issues that you may be facing, but it’s absolutely possible that dehydration could be the only reason for some of them. Did you know that excessive saliva, or a dry mouth, can both be signs of dehydration? When the body is dehydrated it releases higher amounts of a chemical called vasopressin which helps your kidneys retain water. This can prevent you from losing more water through urination. At the same time, it causes your blood vessels to constrict, which then causes your blood pressure to increase. When you have diabetes, excess glucose (sugar) builds up in the blood. The kidneys are forced to work harder to filter and absorb the excess glucose and when the kidneys can no longer keep up the excess glucose is excreted into the urine, dragging along fluids from other tissues, which makes us dehydrated. So if you have diabetes then you are even more prone to dehydration.

Now what about salt, are you using good quality salt? Drinking water with a little additional high mineral salt will increase the amount of water that goes into your cells. Salt can help absorb magnesium, and the combination of water and salt can increase your energy.

So a simple, easy and free thing to try is just drink water regularly and make sure that you are also consuming good quality high mineral salts, such as Celtic or Himalayan salt. Just do make sure that it is not table salt (see my previous article for reasons for avoiding table salt). Every day our kidneys lose around 1.5 liters of water and our skin, colon and lungs around 2.5 liters. Although water is of course also contained in fresh fruit and vegetables, the best anti-histamine is just pure water.

Drinking a little extra water may be the simplest advice anyone could give, and I think that for everyone it is definitely worth to try. Try to pay attention to how much water you’re already drinking and if you realize that you are not drinking at least two liters a day then maybe start by drinking just an extra glass or two each day and see what effect it has on you!


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Check my website for lots more articles as well as my full story and bio :)